Sanderson Blitz

<p>The New 2014 Blitz has been redesigned from the ground up, with it's racy colour scheme's and it's 650b wheel configuration and the addition of a chain guide mount and tapered fork compatible head tube the Blitz has been brought bang up to date.</p>
<p>The Blitz was designed all mountain hard tail and although visually very similar to the range topping Life frame, every tube, angle and frame component has actually been redesigned. Each of the Japanese butted tubes has been hand selected for the best combination of tubing diameter and wall thickness in order to produce the strongest possible frame based on our target weight. Both the Seat and chain stays have been custom bent for optimum tire clearance then matched to unique full CNC dropouts, the head tube is size specific and custom machined to exact Sanderson specifications</p>
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<p class="MsoPlainText"><span class="ff2fc2fs10fb"><b><span>TECHNICAL INFO</span></b></span><span class="apple-converted-space"><span>&nbsp;</span></span><br />
<span> <br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Model &ndash; Blitz</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Material - Double butted Cro-Mo</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Size options - 16/18/20 inches</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Colours - Orange or Black</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Weight - TBA</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Head angle -67 deg</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Seat angle - 70 deg</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Chainstay - 430mm</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Top-tube length (effective)</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">16 inch- 22.68&quot; / 576mm</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">18 inch - 23.25&quot; / 591mm</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">20 inch - 23.75&quot; / 606mm</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Head-tube length</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">16 inch - 4.5&quot; / 115mm</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">18 inch - 4.9&quot; / 125mm</span></span></p>
<p class="MsoPlainText">20 inch - 5.3 / 135mm</p>
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<p><b><span>FEATURES</span></b><br />
<span><br />
</span><span class="ff2fc0fs10"><span>Tapered head tube</span></span><span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Full CNC dropouts</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Down tube gusset</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Laser cut stainless</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">steel head badge</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">International standard disc compatible</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">Huge tyre clearance ideal</span><br />
<span class="ff2fc0fs10">for British conditions</span><br />

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