Bike Cleaner Lemon & Lime (1Ltr Bottle)

Introducing a fresh new formula straight out of the Weldtite lab. Zingy, zesty and packing a punch that leaves every other bike cleaner in the dust.

We investigated how riders want to clean their bikes and have created a blend so unique and powerful that scrubbing your bike to “activate” a formula truly is a thing of the past.

Each 12 pack contains 6x Lemon and 6x Lime Bike Cleaners.

INSTRUCTIONS: Coat the bike using the Mist setting to provide an even covering of Bike Cleaner. Leave for 1 minute to allow the Lemon & Lime cleaner to do its thing before spraying any excess dirt using the Blast setting. After waiting 1 more minute simply wipe away the Bike Cleaner with a wet cloth or rinse with water to reveal your bike, as good as new.

To protect your frame further use Weldtite Rapid Ceramic Shield between washes.

- Biodegradable
- Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- Made in the UK

LEMON - 5013863031284
LIME - 5013863531289

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